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Ivan's artesan ceramics day-tour in Bahia

Our POTTERY & CERAMICS route through Bahia

Are you art and ceramics minded ?

Then this unique day-circuit along the beautiful landscapes of Bahia takes you along for a market-view of artisan pottery and ceramics for a start here in Salvador.

Then we take off inlands, towards the fisherman's village Coqueiros where one finds plenty of artisan potters, specialized on kitchenware.

We will have a typical fisherman's lunch along the Paraguaçu-river

After lunch we go to Maragojipinho, known all over Bahia for its artistique pottery (many of the products that are made here you could have seen on the market we visited earlier in the morning).

By the end of the afternoon we drive back to Salvador, over the island Itaparica where we will take a 45min ferryboat ride to the city.

This tour can also be done as a MINI 2 DAYS TRIP, with an overnight stay in the Pousada do Convento (an ancient convent converted to a hotel).

Please contact us if you would like any supplemental information.

Being a ceramist myself I will try to provide you with all usefull knowledge available.

Team Ivan Bahia Guide.
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