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We can drive you by car (with wifi),
or fly you by helicopter,
to virtually any destination in Bahia !

  • We can take your where ever you need in Bahia.

  • We drive you to every place in Salvador and Bahia

Have your driver / pilot available 24/7, providing an executive transport-service

Ivan Bahia Guide (based in Salvador) is a also specialized in transportation logistics for tourism and researchers allover Bahia.

With experience for 10 years, operating with a high level of efficiency, we know how to meet with any and every type of customer needs, in a flexible way.
Given the demand, as incentives, events, groups, conferences, show and cruise-ships my availability is almost 24/7.
We accept individuals, couples, families and groups up to 45 participants.

The best professional, most complete, officially licenced tour-guide with private transport & taxi services for every traveler in Salvador, Bahia, Cachoeira, Reconcavo Baiano, Nordeste, North East Brazil from and to Chapada Diamantina Mountains and Lençois. We apply the lowest price available. Book directly with Ivan Bahia Guide.
We can provide you with :

• Private HELICOPTER flights above Salvador & HELICOPTER transfers to Morro de São Paulo & Boipeba islands, Chapada Diamantina

Panoramic Helicopter flights above Salvador da Bahia & Helicopter transfers to Morro de São Paulo and Boipeba islands, or Chapada Diamantina National Park, organized Ivan Bahia Guide Chapada Diamantina Brazil

• Salvador Airport shuttle to your hotel / pousada / rental appartment
• Salvador Airport shuttle Hotels and Resorts of the North Coast of Bahia
• Salvador Airport shuttle Vila Gale Mares
• Salvador Airport shuttle Tivoli Praia do Forte and Inns
• Salvador Airport shuttle Iberostar Praia do Forte
• Salvador Airport shuttle Club Med in Itaparica
• Transfer from Salvador Airport to Grand Palladium Imbassai
• Transfer from Salvador to Itacaré
• Shuttle Salvador Sauipe Coast
• Transfer Salvador to Lençois / Chapada Diamantina
• Transfer Salvador / Valença (where you can take a ferryboat to Morro de São Paulo or Boipeba)
• Transfer Valença / Lençois Chapada Diamantina
• Transfer directly from Lençois / Chapada Diamantina to Valença<br> • Transfer from Chapada Diamantina to Itacaré / Marau

Any other destination in Bahia will be taken in consideration for a quote.

Please feel free to CONTACT us if you would like a competetive quote.

Ivan Bahia Guide, our presence is your guidance.

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